Thursday, September 27, 2012


Here are some tidbits from my "cute things Dot does" file that I thought the Internet might enjoy.


One night we had pot roast with the usual veggies (potatoes, onions, carrots) for dinner.  We tried to get her to try the carrots and potatoes and encouraged her by saying, "They're soft!" (As in, they would be easy to chew.)  So she gently stroked the potatoes on her plate like she was stroking a puppy and said, "Soft, soft."  

And no, she still didn't eat them.


Yesterday, we spent some time in the afternoon playing with the spices I keep on a low shelf in our pantry.  We took turns uncapping them and smelling them and exclaiming, "Mmm, smells good!"  Later that day, I was working on some stuff on the computer while she played next to me with Ben.  She let out a prodigious amount of gas, and Ben and I commented to each other about how strong the smell was.   When she heard the word "smell" she perked up, and then leaned over to sniff my computer keyboard.  (I guess she thought that's what we were talking about.)  "Mmm, smells good!" she shouted.


One time when we crossed the river, she said, "I see the water!  Whoah."  And it was so cute and unexpected that we made a big deal out of it, so of course now she says that every time we cross over the bridge.


Dot's language abilities have been taking off like bonkers, and it is a lot of fun to hear how things develop.  She's finally figured out "Gramma" instead of  "Gaga", but even though I know she can say "water" she still prefers "wawa".   At night she says "I you" instead of "I love you" because L and V are still pretty hard for her, and I'm going to be really, really sad when she stops saying "Bee-zah-bo" for both gazebo and zebra.  It is too stinking cute.


Tyler & Rose-Ellen said...

aww. have her practice with the phone so she'll actually talk to me when I call. :) I need to hear her words. alternatively, VIDEOS!

Sarah said...

She's really good at talking into the phone for PRETEND! But not when a person is on the other end. Maybe we should try a video chat, though -- she said a few words to Roland when we facetimed with him for his birthday.

And videos will be forthcoming! Promise.