Sunday, May 27, 2012

16 months!

Time has been flying by so fast these days. Every day is a new word or new funny expression or just a new pile of dirt to play in. It seems like in a matter of weeks our little Dorothy transitioned from being a baby to a little girl. It used to be that Ben would give Dot her bath, get her into her pajamas, and then carry her to me and I'd do the rest of the bedtime routine. Now as soon as her pajamas are more-or-less on, she's running out of her room to find me on her own. It's just so NOT-BABY of her.

She is developing quite the little personality. She loves balls, dirt, rocks and books, roughly in the order. She's very social and talks and talks all day long, enthusiastically pointing at and naming everything she can. Ball! Dot! Gaga! (Grandma) Bowl! (etc. etc.) Ben and I tried to list all the words she knows before her doctor's appointment last month and we decided to call it quits after we hit 60. She can count "Two, three!" ("one" eludes her) and once handed me two sticks on the playground and told me, "Two tick." (I think that might have been just a fluke, but I'm still totally claiming it as evidence that she's a mathematical genius.)

I'll counter my bragging with a little reality here: She also can express her will VIGOROUSLY with lots of "no no no" and the occasional full-blown tantrum. It's fairly easy to calm her down, but she winds up fast and hard. And she has bitten me a few times, when she's gotten really mad. I really hope she won't try that on anyone else. Sometimes she just gets so overwhelmed with all the emotions she's feeling. We're trying to teach her to bite instead on a blanket or a teething toy, and that seems to be working. We hope! I do not want the other kids coming out of nursery with Dot's bite marks!

We are very excited for nursery. Dot sits through sacrament meeting pretty well, but by the end of that hour she is DONEZO. Ben got to attend like six minutes of the last two hours of church this week.

Another thing we've been working on is getting her to eat more. She's getting fairly picky. She'll let me put almost anything in her mouth, but then spits it out right away. We keep trying, though. I read that it takes eight times for kids to be willing to try a new thing -- we're at try number thirty or so with broccoli, but it'll happen EVENTUALLY, right? In the meantime, she eats lots of oatmeal, bananas, crackers, strawberries, sweet potatoes and yogurt.

And now, some pictures! Isn't she just the cutest thing?

The sad face. I can't help but find this just as cute as her happy face.

The happy face! She gets all red like I do when she's hot -- but she's just flushed, not sunburned. We went to Niska-Day and got some free sparkly streamers from ShopRite that made her oh-so-happy.

Playing on the piano after a bath.

We tried to take some Mother's Day pictures, but it was a little too sunny out.

She had fun anyway.