Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rock Star

Dorothy is turning into a little rock star.

No, not THAT kind of Rock Star. More the geologist kind of Rock Star.

We're so happy that Spring is here(ish). Even during the winter I would bundle Dot up into a snowsuit and hat and take her on walks whenever we could manage it, but it's so nice to be able to actually linger outside and let her explore a little bit.

And the very first thing she wanted to explore was the decorative pile of rocks right outside our door. She is totally obsessed. As soon as we're out the door she practically lunges out of my arms (or out of the stroller) to try and look at the rocks.

She's really happiest with a rock in her hand. She'll even just hang onto a rock in the stroller the whole way to the park and back.

At this point, walks to the park are really for my benefit, not hers. She'll toddle around the park (my finger in one hand, rock in the other) and point at the things she sees, but doesn't like to touch any of the equipment, much less play on it.

But hey, she's got her rock, so she's happy.