Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Colors

I like to take my camera out on walks with Dot, and play at being a photographer.

Isn't digital photography great? If I had to buy the film and pay to develop each shot I took, I'd spend a lot less time taking pictures of trees. But since I can delete every shot that isn't framed right or doesn't have good lighting, I have fun and snap away.

I recently read Maphead by Ken Jennings, and in one of the chapters he writes about "topophilia" or love of place, and about how a particular landscape or place can have intense emotional resonance for a person. I'm a transplant to New York, and I like to grouse about the taxes and the winters ad infinitum, but every fall I'm glad to be here. I just love the changing colors and the beautiful landscape of a deciduous forest in the fall. It's part of my emotional landscape, and I'd be a little sad to live with any other kind of scenery.

(Of course, in Virginia you have beautiful leaves AND it's ten degrees warmer... but I'll take what I can get.)


Victoria Blanchard said...

Yeah, VA is pretty great! :)
I like that concept of topophilia---that really captures the experience I had moving back to NY (where I grew up) after living in UT for 7 years. I have been known to shed tears in the fall!

Victoria Blanchard said...

Oh, and isn't that a great road for walks? It was always a family favorite for us. I miss it!

Sarah said...

It is a good road for walks. And we miss you! I always think about you when we head down thataway. (But I'm glad we can at least stay in touch as blog buddies.) :)