Sunday, September 25, 2011


In September we've been...

sleeping through the night but waking up at five (because Dot believes in early to bed and early to rise, and Ben teaches seminary)

dealing with rain, rain, more rain and a horde of mosquitos

sewing a pretty, puffy pumpkin costume for Dot for Halloween (more on this later)

scooting, rolling, thinking about crawling and getting into everything

playing, laughing, hugging, patting

and getting cuter by the day.

(Although I'm not too sure how Ben feels about me calling him "cute".)


Grandma & Pop-pop said...

Oh she is so cute. Ben is pretty cute too!



Madsen Family said...

Yeah for sleeping through the night. Boo for early morning risings. Will she nurse and go back down? Will would at that age. And I think Ben would enjoy being called cute (especially cuter by the day:). You sure make cute babies!

Sarah said...

If she wakes up between four and 5:15, I can usually coax her back down. After that, she generally needs to play for an hour before going back down.

But at least when I say early to bed, I mean she goes EARLY TO BED. Last night she was totally asleep by 6:15.

(We've tried pushing her bedtime back to see if it gets her to sleep in, but then she fusses longer before going down and doesn't sleep through the night, so... we'll just deal with the early mornings.)