Friday, September 2, 2011

A Portent of Things To Come

Today I held Dot on my lap for a few minutes while I checked my e-mail and caught up on Google Reader. She was squirmy and reaching for the computer frequently, so I put her tummy down on my lap, which she likes. I rubbed her back and got back to reading something-or-other.

She was unusually content to just lie there, and I soon realized the reason why. As soon as I had put her down, she caught sight of my keys just sticking out of the pocket of my pants. She reached over and snagged them and soon began liberally covering them, her hands, my pant legs and the entire general vicinity with a thick layer of drool.

My seven-month old quite literally picked my pocket.

I thought that sort of behavior wasn't supposed to start until later.

I guess it's time to hide the valuables.

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Kim said...

hahaha oh dear I love it!