Friday, August 26, 2011

A Room of Her Own

We live in a two-bedroom place. Ben works from home, and so when we first moved in we set up the second bedroom as his office.

When Dot came along, I was initially adamant that we keep that second room for his office. I wanted to keep our bedroom as a relaxing, work-free zone. I figured we could keep Dot at first in our bedroom, and then in the closet, and then maybe set her up in the corner of the living room if we had to.

It became clear pretty quickly that that wasn't going to work. My goal of having a work-free, relaxing, calm bedroom was not served at ALL by keeping a baby in there. (That was the kind of self-delusion only a first-time parent can indulge in.) I couldn't go into the bedroom while she was napping, which meant I couldn't shower, grab the dirty laundry to take care of, straighten up, or do any number of things I might like to do during that time. We'd have to sneak in and get ready for bed in the dark when it was our turn to go to bed -- and frequently she'd wake up anyway and demand one last feeding before I went to sleep. Plus, sometimes I'd just lie awake at night and try to listen to her breathe.

It was not very restful for anyone.

So last weekend I gave in, and Ben and I spent Saturday moving his office into our bedroom and setting up a little nursery.

We should have done that MONTHS ago.

There were some initial hiccups with getting her settled -- naps suddenly became a terrible battle and shortened down to being little half hour things -- but (fingers crossed) she's sleeping SO MUCH BETTER now. After our trip to Utah totally undid her schedule, she'd been getting up two, three, four times a night. Now we're back down to once, and it's been creeping later and later each night. And the naps show real signs of improving.


(Babies who let their mothers get some sleep are 73 percent cuter, 80 percent smarter and 93 percent happier than those who don't, according to this blog's panel of experts.)

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Victoria Blanchard said...

I can confirm those statistics! I'm happy for you that she's moved and it's working out so well. I really like having my own space, so I'm impressed you held out so long!