Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day photo shoot

We had a really good Father's Day weekend. (Partly because I thought last week was Father's Day, and cleaned the car as my gift to Ben that weekend instead of this one.) Saturday, we cleaned the church in the morning, went on a long family walk in beautiful weather in the afternoon, and totally tuckered our little one out so that she went to bed early that night. We watched a movie together in the evening all the way through without having to pause for a crying or hungry baby, which I'm pretty sure is a first since she's been born. It was True Grit, which I mostly enjoyed except for the bits that were too gruesome for my sensibilities.

Today, we had a nice breakfast and Ben got to participate in the official introduction of Solid Foods (rendered almost totally liquid by the addition of lots of breastmilk.) Mostly, she just spat everything out, but she does enjoy grabbing at the spoon and chewing on it. We'll wait until she's a bit bigger to try again, although she's welcome to continue to play with the baby spoons.

We also went out before church for a Father's Day photo shoot, though that meant trying to take good pictures at high noon on a bright sunny day. I enjoyed playing at being a photographer and trying some creative (read: goofy) angles and shots, and our Dotter enjoyed making more of her camera face.

Happy Father's Day!


Vickie Blanchard said...

During Sacrament I kept eyeing Dot---she looked extra pretty yesterday!

Tyler & Rose-Ellen said...

This is going to sound dumb, but Sarah, Dot looks just like you but Asian. Glad Ben had a fun first Father's Day. Tyler was nearly forgotten, except we said "Happy Father's Day!". Poor guy.