Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So much for my good sleeping baby...

Dot used to sleep so well. She was really getting into a groove of sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, with the occasional 6 hour (and one 7 hour!) sleep to really make me happy.

Then I decided that I needed to start getting her settled into a routine so I could start planning my days better and having regular naptimes. The first step, I figured, was to just record what she was already doing so I could see what her habits was and then see where to adjust. So I got a notebook and a pen and started diligently writing down the times she slept, ate and played each day.

Well, the very act of recording it seems to have RUINED my good sleeper. She hasn't slept for more than 3 and a half hours at a stretch in the three days since I started recording. She got up at 4 this morning and would NOT go down again for more than 15 minutes at a stretch until 9:00. I've been really trying to teach her good sleep habits -- putting her down drowsy but awake, making sure she sleeps in the crib for her naps instead of in my arms or in the swing -- but when she woke up again at 9:45, I gave in and put her in the swing just to help her catch up a little bit on the sleep she didn't get last night. As of 11:00, she's still there.

It's funny, how before I was actually a parent I had all these great ideas about how I was going to teach my kids to sleep in their cribs or beds and sleep through the night, and how consistent and perfect I was going to be. And it all goes out the window when I'm confronted with dealing with an overtired baby all day long.

Oh well. Maybe she'll stay in her crib for the NEXT nap.


Tyler & Rose-Ellen said...

Prepare yourself for the likelihood that sleePless nights will not go away when babyhood is over. I got a grand total of three hours of sleep last night. First I couldn't sleep, then becca got cold and needed her blankets put back on. She went right back to sleep. Then Natalie wakes up screaming, I go up and lay next to her and she doesn't let me leave. A few hours later Tyler comes up to check on me, which really wakes her up and she insists that the hall light must stay on. So now I really can't sleep, and when I give up and just leave, she sets to screaming her head off, Tyler goes to deal with her since it's now four am and I haven't slept at all. They fight for close to two hours until finally she falls asleep. I lay there unable to ignore the screaming, then when the sun is rising and birds are singing she finally is quiet, my eyes get heavy, I snuggle down, and becca starts crying, insisting on a diaper change. I get up, change her, she readily goes back to bed. I slept from about 6:30 - 9:30 and know it's not going to be a good day. Sorry this was probably longer than your original post. But maybe I can share what i repeated to myself over and over again last night to keep my head from exploding: I can't control what others do; (yes, even "little" others) I can only control how I react- what I do and say.

Good luck!! Hopefully she's just in a phase. I would be a much better mother if I got my required sleep.

Warren and Mel said...

Have no fear Sarah, Dot is still so young and you are doing great! Maxine was not a great sleeper and I was thrilled when she finally became consistent. Then, BAM! Teething started and ruined it all!! Kids have to keep us on our toes :)

There will be MANY pre-parenting ideas that will fall by the wayside during actual child raising, but that's just reality and it all works out.

Rose-Ellen your story had me laughing out loud. I felt so bonded to you! Raising 2 girls is not for the weak! Just last night Calvin was fed and happy sleeping in his crib when both girls woke up and 2am with complaints. Can we please all sleep while the baby sleeps!!! Ahhhhhh!!


Kim said...

oh no... I jinxed you! I hope Dot gets better soon... Edmond's doing great!

Sarah said...

Yikes! Yeah, those nights when Dot's bad, I think that I have no idea how people with more than one do it. But I guess it's just one of those things where you get the capacity to deal with life as it happens. :)

And I hope you've gotten some better nights of sleep since then, Rose-Ellen. (Mel, I hope for you, too, but with the two girls AND a tiny baby I don't know if hope's enough.)

Anyway, it really isn't so bad for me. I'm starting to figure out her signals and cues for naptime, and I've just accepted that it's not going to be on a schedule for a while. And if she's up more frequently in the night than I'd like, at least she goes down again without a struggle once she's fed and changed.