Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Dreams

I've been having the strangest dreams lately -- wierder than I did when I was pregnant. I think a big part of the reason for it is just that I wake up a couple times a night, and so I'm more likely to remember the crazy dreams I already have anyway.

So here are some of the dreams that I've remembered:

*I dreamed that I went to the OB-GYN for a follow-up visit and they discovered that I was pregnant again, with a boy. They even had baby pictures of him to show me, somehow. I flipped out, trying to figure out how it was even possible. I was very, very concerned that the due date would be in December, making for two babies in one calendar year.

*I dreamed that instead of just Dot, I had Dot and two other babies at the same time. I worried that the two dream babies would know that I loved Dot more than I loved them, because I did. I was also very, very frazzled (because, you know, three babies). Dream-Ben came home and announced that he had signed adoption papers for MORE babies, and dream-me FLIPPED OUT at him. He quickly back-pedaled and said he was just teasing me, it was just a joke, and then there was more shouting from me about how I was not in a position to even THINK that was funny.

*I dreamed that I was on vacation with some friends who had a toddler. The toddler wanted to nurse, but the mom didn't have any milk because they'd already weaned. I said, "Oh, that's OK, I'll nurse her." So then I was nursing this toddler who wasn't mine and she started walking around with the nipple still in her mouth and my skin stretched and stretched and stretched (like gumby) to accomodate this wandering toddler.

I know I had one or two more funny/remarkable ones that I remembered long enough to tell Ben, but neither of us can remember them now. I also have a recurring dream where I nurse Dot lying down in bed and then fall asleep next to her. When I wake up, I have a little panic attack of wondering where my baby is and looking for her under the blankets and pillows before I think to check the bassinet, where she always is.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven Sleepy Weeks

I love watching this baby sleep.

And I love watching this baby when she's waking up.

Dot is a champion sleeper for her age. She recently gave us two nights IN A ROW of sleeping from 9:00 until 3:00. I was in heaven. It was, unfortunately, not a new habit, as she has had a couple rough nights since then. But still, it's a step in the right direction. And even on her bad nights, she'll get in at least two three-hour blocks of sleep, which is enough for me to get by on. So I am very grateful for that.

During the day she doesn't so much nap as just doze on and off all day, especially if she's being held. Because she falls asleep so easily she almost always falls asleep while nursing, whether she's full or not or even really tired or not. So she has a lot of 15 minute naps in the middle of eating. I'll feed her on one side, burp her and then, because she is completely dead to the world, put her down in her bassinet. In 15 minutes, she wakes up, realizes that she's still hungry, and screams until I come get her. Then she'll take the other side and fall asleep again while being burped.

I know that newborns tend to be sleepy, but this girl goes above and beyond the call of duty. I think she got that from my side of the family.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've been getting the itch to blog more lately, and I think I know the reason why...

Whenever you fall in love you want to shout it to the world in every forum possible. And I am SO in love with this baby. That hair! Those cheeks! The little fingers and toes! Sometimes I still look at her and marvel that she's really ours for keeps.