Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Update

Well, looking back at this little space, it appears I had 4 blog entries over the entire year, and most of them were re-purposed letters to Ben. Whoops! So much for my goal last year of keeping in touch better.

It looks like I'm at about 50 percent for my goals for last year. I did exercise more -- I ended up dropping about 15 pounds in 2009! There's really nothing like getting married to get you motivated. I ran or walked at least 3 miles a day during the summer. After that, of course, I ran full-on into the honeymoon weight gain and the New England winter. After the new year, though, I've started putting things back in order again, so as of now I'm back at my wedding weight and looking to drop a few more.

I also more than succeeded in my goal of meeting new people -- mostly enforced by the fact that I moved halfway through the year and HAD to make new friends. Of course, what that goal was REALLY about was that I wanted to get married, but getting married includes all kinds of factors that you don't personally control (largely in the form of another person wanting to marry you, too) and so I just made the goal about something I could. And what do you know, I did get married! Sometimes it still surprises me, at almost six months in. I'm MARRIED. It's very odd.

(I am somewhat disappointed to find out that marriage doesn't automatically make me a good homemaker. I apparently thought that sewing skills and the desire to clean and organize would somehow just appear. It doesn't. I have been enjoying cooking for two, though!)

I did not keep in better touch with my friends, unfortunately -- but here's to another year of trying!

I also did not manage to keep up my pace of a book-a-week, though I did at least stay under budget. This was mostly influenced by the fact that I stopped commuting by metro in May, and so no longer had an hour of dedicated reading time each work day. I still did read a lot -- definitely enough to make the kindle still a worthwhile investment. The final count for 2009 is 42 books, and I'll list them in an upcoming post.

Now, though, I've got to run to work. And hopefully the next post here won't be so long in coming.

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Tyler & Rose-Ellen said...

Thanks! Miss reading about you! Congrats on the weight loss. That's my goal for this year too. And when you list your books be sure to mark your favorites so I have something to read.