Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009, all! I've had a good, lazy day so far. And while I should have done this yesterday, I figure that it still counts.

So, even though my New Years resolutions generally don't last out of January, the whole point is that it's a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. So it's time to dust off and try again. I'm even shooting for achievable so far!

In 2009, it is hereby resolved:

I will exercise more. I was much better off physically and mentally back when I was going to the gym at least 5 days a week. Though I haven't found a gym here that is sufficiently convenient that I'd want to commit to it, I can still find fun ways to exercise. I can put on some music and dance in my living room. I can pick up the pace on the way home from the metro. I can stay standing up on the metro.

I will keep up my pace on reading, and finish at least 52 books this year. However, I also will not spend more than $300 on books. That will mean getting a library card and going to the library sometimes.

I will go to more activities, strike up more conversations, and get to know at least 1 new person a month. That's 12 people over the course of the year, and excessively easy. (I don't have to be FRIENDS with them. But at least learn a name and have a good, solid conversation and be able to recognize them later on.)

I will keep in better touch with the friends I already have. I know I'm hopeless on the phone, so that will largely mean through twitter, e-mail, and blogging more. But still!

I have some other, more personal goals, but these I will be keeping track of here in this space. So! Here's to 2009 being awesome.

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Kim said...

Well, Sarah is already awesome, so 2009 should be just as awesome as her. I like the goal where you're gonna call me more. =)