Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Awesome quote that I have to share

This is from Renee Amoore, who's the deputy chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Now let me use some Ebonics right here. So I want to make sure that you can understand what I'm saying so I can bring it down to you, like the kids say on the street. As Republican women, we know what we're doing. We know who we are. We ain't gonna take it. We not gonna take it. And we will get with you when you keep messing with us. You have a good day. (Laughter.) You can clap, too. (Laughter, applause.) Because you know I'm right.

Unfortunately, because of my workplace's style guidelines, I had to replace the very deliberate "gonna"s with "going to"s and it severely reduced the impact of the quote for the official version. Hence, I had to put it here in its purer form.

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